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Craziest Hotels Around The World! | Daily Drop
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Craziest Hotels Around The World!

July 24, 2014 - By tach

1.Dog Bark Inn – Cottonwood, Idaho

You can now stay inside the world’s biggest beagle at the Dog Bark Inn bed & breakfast. The guests enter through a private deck in the 2nd story. Be sure to expect tons of dog decor, EVERYWHERE. If you love dogs, this is the place to go.


2. Hotel Kakslauttanen – Finland 

If you love snow, Santa, and adventure this is the place for you. This resort offers guests different accommodation areas such as the glass igloos, log cabins, and even actual snow globes!


3. Attrap Reves Hotel – France 

If you and you significant other are looking for a romantic getaway, this might be the perfect place for you. At the Attrap Reves, you get to stay in a bubble, admire the starts at night, and have the comfort of a luxury hotel.


4. The Galactic Suite Space Resort – Outerspace

This one is definitely an extreme. If you would like to spend a night in outerspace, it is now possible…hello future! This hotel is the first of its kind.



5. The Capsule Inn in Tokyo – Japan

Traveling on a budget? this ones for you. The hotel features comfortable capsules that you sleep in, their slogan is “cheaper than business hotels, but more comfortable than internet cafes.”


6. The Giraffe Manor – East Africa

Are you a giraffe fanatic? If you answered yes, then this hotel should be your dream come true. When you stay at The Giraffe Manor you can hangout with giraffes all day and even feed them from your window!

africa kenya giraffe manor

7. Lumi Linna Snow Castle Of Kemi – Finland

This hotel in Finland is what you would call an “ice paradise.”


8. Gamirasu Cave Hotel – Turkey

The hotel is located in the heart of Cappadocia and includes 35 guest rooms. The hotel is made out of rock and it has a 74 m2s space pool with  floor heating. If you have ever wanted to stay in a cave, here’s your chance!


9. Das Park Hotel – Austria

The hotel is constructed out of drain pipes. The rooms feature a double bed and storage area and look pretty cozy.


10. Wigwam Motel – USA

The Wigwam Motel is a motel chain that has a couple of different locations across the U.S. including Kentucky, Florida, Louisiana, and California. Their rooms are shaped in the forms of tipis.


11. Montana Magica Lodge – Chile 

This hotel looks like it was taken out of a fairy tale. The rooms are cozy with a log-cabin look to them.


So many places to see!


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