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Is This the Best Way to Avoid Getting Ebola? | Daily Drop
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Is This the Best Way to Avoid Getting Ebola?

October 20, 2014 - By tach

The photo below has been making it’s way around the internet this weekend. The photo shows a woman at the Dulles International Airport wearing what looks like a homemade hazmat suit complete with face mask, gloves and a full body covering.

We’re assuming the reason this woman is taking such extreme (and pretty crafty) measures is because Thomas Eric Duncan had a layover at Dulles last month. You may know Duncan as the first U.S. Ebola patient. He has since died from the virus.

However, health sources say that while Duncan did visit the airport, he was not symptomatic or contagious at that time.

Either way – this lady is taking no risks.

  • Are you hesitant to travel during this health crisis?
  • Would you take the same precautions if you had to travel?
Photo from Twitter - Joe Henchman @jdhenchman

Photo from Twitter – Joe Henchman @jdhenchman

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