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Phil Robertson Says We Have Lost Jesus As A Nation | Daily Drop
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Phil Robertson Says We Have Lost Jesus As A Nation

January 17, 2015 - By tach

Outspoken Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson told Fox News host Sean Hannity Thursday night that the cause of all of the world’s problems is the absence of Jesus.

During the interview Robertson talks about the five ideologies of the 20th century: Nazism, Shintoism, Communism, Islam, and Atheism–none of which include Jesus.

“No Jesus with Hitler, with the Nazis. No Jesus. They wanted to dominate the world and they were famous for murder. The Shintoists came along. No Jesus there, Sean. They were famous for murder. They wanted to conquer the world. Look at the blood that was spilled with those two. Then comes Communism. No Jesus with them either and they wanted to conquer the world and they slaughtered millions. So you have murder, murder, murder.”

Robertson went on to  talk about Islamic terrorism.

“Then this latest crop pops their head up. It’s just an ideology under the guise of a religion. They want to conquer the world. There’s no Jesus with them either, and they’re famous for murder.”

Robertson explained that people will follow their own  ideology when there is an absence of God.

“These materialists, these hedonists, these atheists, agnostics, it just goes on, idealism, determinism. There’s always an -ism or a theory that people expound on, Sean, when there is no Jesus.”

To wrap his interview, Robertson declared,“I’m sticking with Jesus, myself, man.”

What do you think of Phil Robertson’s views?


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