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The Northeast Continues To Get Hit By Winter Weather | Daily Drop
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The Northeast Continues To Get Hit By Winter Weather

January 29, 2015 - By tach

The massive winter snowstorm known as Juno continues to pound the Northeast with moderate to heavy snow, high winds and coastal flooding. Just about now, the heavy snow should be hitting areas from eastern Massachusetts to Maine. Parts of the affected area have seen more than a foot of snow already, including over 20 inches in Boston, and more than 3 feet is expected in some places, with snow drifts reaching even higher.

Blizzard warnings are still in effect for parts of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Everyone in all the affected areas is being strongly encouraged to put a nix on all travel plans. Over 7,000 flights scheduled for the first part of this week have been canceled. Many bridges and public transportation systems are closed today. Power outages are still widely expected.

New York City subways were closed for the first time in history. New Yorkers were divided about the unprecedented action, some saying that it was probably the safest thing to do, and others complaining that it made their commute to work more difficult.

Gov. Cuomo defended his actions, saying, “I would rather, if there is a lean one way or another, lean towards safety because I have seen the consequences the other way and it gets very frightening very quickly … we have had people die in storms. I would rather be in a situation where we say, ‘We got lucky.’”

The entire school system in New York, the largest in the nation, is shut down, and jury selection for the Boston bomber trial has also been halted.

Massachusetts and Connecticut have been the hardest-hit so far, with hurricane-forced winds recorded in Nantucket.

Those trapped at home have been “flooding” social media (too soon?), with photos of the snow covering their doorways and even an apparent Yeti spotting. Popular hashtags include #snowmaggeddon2015” and “#blizzardof2015.”

If you’re one of the ones stuck inside, we hope you’re enjoying some stress-free time off from work and school, catching up on your Netflix and eating plenty of pizza. If you’re afraid that you might lose power soon, we recommend you check out an awesome company called Bright Ideas. They offer LED lighting solutions that last for hours on a few batteries. Some double as emergency escape tools, so even if your car is already trapped in an icy river, you’ll be prepared next time. Check out their collapsible lantern, rechargeable flashlight, or their LED flashlight/multi-tool, and never be left in the dark again.

Stay warm and safe out there, from all of us at Planet of Buzz!

By: Libby Baldwin

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