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Japan Accepts USA Challenge In Robot Battle Royal | Daily Drop
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Japan Accepts USA Challenge In Robot Battle Royal

July 9, 2015 - By Jenna Lorraine

All your movie robot fantasies are about to come true: two giant robots will face off in a battle to destruction. That’s right, one robot from America and the other from Japan are set to meet


The American robots firm MegaBots challenged their Japanese rival Suidobashi Heavy for this real life, actually going to happen, giant robot duel. The date of the match is yet to be determined, as is whether or not they will allow outside spectators at the event.

The battle is a way for MegaBots to promote their newest creation, MegaBot Mark II, which has been called “America’s first full-functional, giant piloted robot” by the company. Mark sports large guns that can shoot paintballs at 100 mph, fast enough to dent a car.

Kogoro Kurata, CEO of Suidobashi, although surprised by the challenged, did not hesitate to accept it immediately, and to mock MegaBots’ choice of weaponry: “Come on guys, make it cooler. Just building something huge and sticking guns on it. It’s… super American.”  He also notes in the video that giant robots are a part of Japan’s heritage (yes, we now live in an era where this is an accurate statement to make).

The opponents are pretty fairly matched. MegaBot Mark II towers at 15 feet tall and uses a pair of tank treads to get around; whereas Suidobashi’s bot has four wheels and is 13 feet tall.

However, there are a few significant differences between the two mechs. MegaBot Mark II cost around $175,000 which is totally outdone by Suidobashi’s $1 million dollar robot. The bots weigh 12,000 pounds and 9,000 pounds respectively.

“[Suidobashi] is about three times faster than we are,” the MegaBots cofounder Gui Cavalcanti admitted. “Their tech is currently more advanced, but we have about a year to catch up. I think it’ll even out.”


There are still numerous details to work out before the battle can take place, such as where the battle will take place, but it seems that we can expect the show down to occur in about a year’s time.

MegaBots’ Calvacanti told Quartz,

“The fight is on. We have to work out the ground rules, and figure out how to not die, but the fight is on. We’ll be releasing more information soon as we work through some of the logistics.”


Maybe they should throw in that bad-ass assembly line robot from Germany that killed the guy on the assembly line. Y’know, throw him in as a wild card like in wrestling.


via Mashable

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