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New Hands-Free Tinder [VIDEO] | Daily Drop
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New Hands-Free Tinder [VIDEO]

July 17, 2015 - By Jenna Lorraine

A new era in dating apps has arrived — or at least is being thought about, hard. Hard enough to make this promo video for a new hands-free Tinder wherein the matches are chosen based on changes in your heart rate.

The design agency claims that the principle of their reformulated Tinder is simple: If your heart rate goes up when viewing a person’s photo, that’s a match; if it goes down or stays the same, that’s a no. The company claims “The heart doesn’t lie!”

Of course, the science is a bit iffy. Not to mention there are countless reasons why your heart rate may rise at the moment you are looking at someone’s photograph. For instance, maybe they have a look reminiscent of Charles Manson; or you could have just stumbled across your own mother’s profile.
On the plus side, it removes the terribly cumbersome requirement of swiping left and right. Now you can continue to judge complete strangers on their potential as a mate without, literally, lifting a finger. The future, my friends.


via Mashable

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