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Guy Gives Cheating Girlfriend A Big Surprise | Daily Drop
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Guy Gives Cheating Girlfriend A Big Surprise

July 21, 2015 - By Jenna Lorraine

This guy serves up justice to his cheating girlfriend (ex-girlfriend?) in this video he promptly shared with the world via YouTube. It’s pretty cruel, but so is cheating on someone; and to be entirely fair the surprise was probably just as upsetting as when he discovered her infidelity.


It still is pretty cringeworthy to watch, mainly because his girlfriend doesn’t seem to be very intelligent and completely oblivious to her impending doom.


He tells her that he has a birthday surprise planned and begins to film as he leads her through the home blindfolded with a hand towel (that is just weird). After a whole minute of being led around with her face stuffed in laundry the girl finally realizes that she is being played. When she uncovers her face she finds all her stuff packed up in boxes and ready to go.


Tough break.


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