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Duck Dynasty Says One Of Trump’s Moves “Was One Of The Best Things I Had Seen In My Life” [WATCH] | Daily Drop
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Duck Dynasty Says One Of Trump’s Moves “Was One Of The Best Things I Had Seen In My Life” [WATCH]

July 26, 2015 - By Jenna Lorraine

The panel on Fox and Friends asked Duck Dynasty‘s Willie Robertson his thoughts on fellow Louisianan, Republican Governor Bobby Jindal, who is presently vyying for a presidential nomination. Robertson fully endorses Gov. Jindal, but also took time to commend Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.



“Great guy, Christian man, just a smart guy. And always there,” Robertson said of Gov. Jindal. “I think we saw that through everything the state has been through, you know, Bobby shows up, he’s there and he wants to be with the people and hug their necks and hold their hands, and it didn’t surprise me at all to see that he was down in Lafayette.”

Robertson referred to the shooting which took place at a movie theater in Lafayette this past Thursday. Two people died in the incident, and 11 others were injured. Jindal quickly arrived in the City just hours after the shooting occurred. When Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked if Jindal had Robertson’s endorsement he said, “I do, yeah, we talk a lot. I like what he stands for, where he’s at. I’ll be with him.” Robertson’s brother and sister-in-law, Jep and Jessica Robertson, also voiced their endorsement of Jindal last month.

Robertson then spoke of Republican presidential candidate Trump, and to note he disagreed with the comments he had made about Sen. John McCaine’s service record. “But some of the other stuff he’s saying makes sense,” Robertson continued. The Duck Commander CEO said that when Trump for publicly released the personal cell phone number of fellow GOP presidential candidate Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. “that was the best thing I had seen in my life.”

“That’s happened to me, so I was glad somebody else got it,” Robertson explained. “But I think that’s what he’s doing, he’s calling out the, perhaps, the hypocrisy in some of this. Where some people are your friends one minute and then they’re not, so I like that part about where he said, ‘I thought you liked me last year, and now you don’t like me?’”


via Western Journalism

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