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10 Gifs To Prove Tight Dresses Are Hotter Than Yoga Pants | Daily Drop

10 Gifs To Prove Tight Dresses Are Hotter Than Yoga Pants

July 30, 2015 - By Jenna Lorraine

Here are 10 gifs that definitively prove that a tight dress is the hottest piece of clothing a woman can wear.  Some would argue that yoga pants are the best, or sports bras; but this perfect demonstration, in the name of science of course, permanently puts to rest the debate. So sit back and get ready to be convinced.


1. You wish she was always in a hurry.



2. The look improves when wet.



3. She looks great even crawling on the floor.



4. Now this is a party we want to attend.



5. The tighter the better.



6. This one is mesmerizing.



7. It improves your dancing skills, or makes them irrelevant at least.



8. Possible the #1 reason we will miss the show ‘Mad Men’.



9. They’re never too short.




10. They make even the weather an interesting television segment.

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