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Brewery Will Release First Ever Pop-Tart Beer Saturday Aug 29 | Daily Drop
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Brewery Will Release First Ever Pop-Tart Beer Saturday Aug 29

August 24, 2015 - By Jenna Lorraine

A California brewery has been concocting the Frankenstein of beers as an homage to the historic roots of its new facility, which used to be a Kellogg’s factory.


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21st Amendment brewery will release their new Pop-Tart inspired beer on Saturday, August 29. The India red ale is named Toaster Pastry and will make its debut in a 19.2 oz can,  according to Fortune, and has 7.6% alcohol by volume.

Although inspired by the overly sweet breakfast pastry we all came to love as kids, it is doubtful that the beer will even come close to that level of sweetness (which may be a good thing). It reportedly scores relatively high on International Bittering Units (IBU) scale; and it is an IPA after all.




A description of the beer’s flavor has yet to be released, but one can imagine hints of berry that reference the oh-so-delicious jam filling in Pop-Tarts. But we will have to wait for reviews following Saturday’s release to know for sure.

21st Amendment is not the first brewery to go the cereal-inspired route. A Colorado-based brewery, Black Bottle, famously uses actual Count Chocula cereal to brew and flavor one of its beers.




Pop-Tarts have gained an almost cult following on social media, and are lauded as being a staple of growing up as a 90’s kid. This popularity almost ensures that the beer’s release will be a success, with many purchasing the brew solely for the novelty factor.

We guess we will have to wait till next weekend to find out.



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