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Occulus Rift Virtual Reality Takes The Blow-Up Doll To The Next Level | Daily Drop
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Occulus Rift Virtual Reality Takes The Blow-Up Doll To The Next Level

August 29, 2015 - By Jenna Lorraine

A YouTuber caught a glimpse of the future while attending OcuFes, the Japanese tech convention devoted to all things Oculus Rift. If you are unfamiliar with Oculus Rift it is a virtual reality headset, a pioneer in the field of “personal VR”.

What zeroyon01 saw was as intriguing as it was disturbing. A man sat in the middle of a room, wearing the Oculus visor and headphones, getting intimate with a blow-up doll dressed in a Sailor Scout outfit (Sailor Jupiter, I believe). Thus, here we are in the future, where a man can copulate with an inanimate object while surrounded by onlookers; and man, does he look into it. At least (for our sake) he was able to keep himself fully clothed.

The game has yet to be formally named, but developers are going with “Space Battleship Girlfriend” in the meantime. A display behind the player shows his pixelated girlfriend’s avatar, and it looks real-ish. Clearly, it is real enough for the tech obsessed who have been pushing the industry to create a complete do-it-yourself intimate relationship platform. From GameBoy Gilfriends to robots that can get handsy (if you know what I mean), the fully equipped girlfriend experience was a natural next step.

But really, it just comes across as pretty creepy to us.



via Esquire

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