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10 Times Your Friend’s Boobs Stole The Show | Daily Drop
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10 Times Your Friend’s Boobs Stole The Show

September 26, 2015 - By Jenna Lorraine

Everyone has that one friend who always manages to steal the spotlight, but in these cases it is not the friend’s actions that are grabbing everyone’s attention but rather their ample figures.

While your best friend’s breasts can threaten to steal the show at any moment (even your own wedding day) the beach makes it especially hard to ignore the difference between you and your BFF.

Don’t take offense girls, your lady lumps are just naturally captivating; just look at that chimp who can’t keep his hands to himself! Clearly this obsession dates from far back in our evolution.

If you are constantly being outshone by your bestie’s bosom, here are 10 photos that prove you are not alone!

Or maybe you’re not looking for solidarity but rather just really want to see some attention grabbing boobs.


1. Do you think those are fake?



2. Even her friend can’t keep her eyes off them.



3. Her friend’s smile looks as strained as her top…



4. Are they wearing the same bottoms?



5. The friend the bride didn’t want at her wedding…



6. Do you hear angels singing?



7.  Can you spot the difference?



8. To be fair, no one can compete with those. 



9. This chimp knows what’s good.



10. They didn’t have a chance.

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