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Girl Gets Unfortunate Surprise When She Asks Facebook To Find The Guy She Kissed | Daily Drop
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Girl Gets Unfortunate Surprise When She Asks Facebook To Find The Guy She Kissed

October 6, 2015 - By Jenna Lorraine

This may be one of the most unfortunate cases of a “missed connection” to ever grace the walls of Facebook. However, it is hard to tell had the worst time in this story.

Our story begins when young Pippa McKinney, 22, met what she described as an “absolutely stunning” guy at a club. However, unfortunately she did not take down his number correctly and thus she took to Facebook to find her prince charming.


She posted the above photo along with the message: “Met this guy last night absolutely stunning, took his number down wrong but would love to get to see him again! He’s from Whythenshaw and is called matt , help anyone haha??”

Lucky for Pippa the post went viral over night, receiving thousands of shares by those hoping to help reunite the lovers.

Finally, the photo was tagged “Emily Grant”, and anyone who clicked that name to be brought to the young woman’s profile quickly realize who she was: The girlfriend of the “stunning” mystery gentleman (er, not so much a gentleman then).

“That girl just tagged her mate click her and check her cover picture f–k sake knew it,” Pippa wrote. “Absolute mangey badgers everywhere.”



“Oh my god cant even believe it .. Knew it would be the case not my fault he told me he was single wouldnt of gone there obviously if i knew he had gf… Knew shouldnt of shared this f–k sake,” she continued.

“I need a Sunday dinner, its not even funny that poor gurl just got hurt.”

The man made his Facebook private but that didn’t stop Pippa from sending him one last message: “told me u was single and now iv hurt your gf .. thought you was decent but obviously a cheat like the rest of them.”

The cheater then pleaded with her to remove the photo, saying “I’ve f*cked up, I know it…”

Hopefully he has learned his lesson: If you are going to cheat don’t leave photographic evidence.

Or, y’know, don’t cheat!


via Life & Style

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