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Shocking Photos Of Woman’s Bad Reaction To Hair Dye Will Have You Reconsidering Doing Your Roots | Daily Drop
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Shocking Photos Of Woman’s Bad Reaction To Hair Dye Will Have You Reconsidering Doing Your Roots

November 25, 2015 - By Jenna Lorraine


An Imgur user posted a series of shocking photos after suffering an allergic reaction caused by hair dye in an effort to warn others of the potential damaging effects of seemingly innocuous beauty products.

According to Reddit user , who posted her friend’s story to the forum r/wtf, this was not caused by a botched DIY home hair dye attempt either. Her friend had visited a stylist for a color change and apparently “they have used that dye on her in the past, so it wasn’t expected.”

Thechosenginger‘s friend went in to have her hair dyed on Wednesday, and by Thursday her scalp had begun to itch. By the time Friday came around her head was so swollen she immediately went to the Emergency room to be assessed.

“It is crazy how swollen she got,” they wrote. Her friend found the photos funny and suggested that she post them for others to see.

This is a photo of the woman normally, followed by one taken after the hair dye reaction:



Shocking probably doesn’t even begin to describe what you are thinking right now.

“It looks insane,” thechosenginger wrote, “But I promise, she has no idea how to use photoshop.”

And yes, as crazy as this looks it is entirely possible to have this kind of swelling as a result of an allergic reaction to certain hair dyes.

I guess this is why they always recommend doing a spot test before applying these substances to your entire scalp.

Live and learn.

“She says she’s never coloring her hair again,” thechosenginger said, and I guess that’s pretty understandable.


via Cosmopolitan


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