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Kim Kardashian Admits She is Just Like Every Other Pregnant Woman: “I Feel Fat As F***” | Daily Drop
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Kim Kardashian Admits She is Just Like Every Other Pregnant Woman: “I Feel Fat As F***”

December 4, 2015 - By Jenna Lorraine

A very pregnant Kim Kardashian has candidly admitted that she struggles with the exact same pregnancy woes as us regular folk. That’s right, the reality star has announced that 3-weeks before her due date she feels “fat as f***.”

Actually, the 35-year-old-soon-to-be-mother-of-two has been quite open about her feelings towards her changing body in recent posts on her website, kimkardashianwest.com, even revealing that her “cankles are out of control.” (TMI, Kim, TMI.)

Of course this may all be a reaction to the torrent of criticism poor Kim (I know that adjective doesn’t seem to match the subject well) received during her last pregnancy. Such as when she wore these strappy sandals that only served to accentuate said cankles.



The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star said that her baby is the size of a pumpkin (Halloween just having passed this makes me curious as to what variety of pumpkin she is comparing her spawn to; as I am sure I am not alone in observing some giant gourds this October); oh, and she is having hardly any sleep at all (That must be especially tough when you have no real job and a variety of assistants catering your every need).

Finally, in the ultimate attempt to relate to the general population Kim K opened up about her pregnancy food cravings: Barbecue potato chips.

So there you have it, Kardashian baby weight is made of the same stuff as yours and mine.

Oh, and on a positive note the reality star shared that her baby boy is no longer breech after a successful External Cephalic Version. Hurrah.



Thus baby Yeezus is still on schedule for his Christmas day induction.

Hark the herald and all that jazz.


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