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Woman Used Shopping Bag Instead Of Shower Cap When Dyeing Hair, You Won’t Believe The Results

December 12, 2015 - By Jenna Lorraine

When dyeing hair at home the kit usually comes with a disposable cap to keep the dye from dripping as well as speed up the processing time. However, if you do not opt for a kit and instead purchase the dye and developer separately you can use a shower cap to cover your head instead, or, as one British woman attempted, a plastic bag.

Now, I myself have used a plastic bag when processing at home color, but the stark difference (and why my hair did not turn into a disaster) is that the bag Rebecca Alison Richardson used had the store logo printed on it in color.

Rebecca’s brother Craig couldn’t help but share the snap showing the green Asda (a British grocery chain) logo which had transferred to his sister’s hair as her dye processed.



The Facebook post prompted some hilarious comments which suggested Rebecca is far from alone in making this mistake while attempting DIY hair dye.







I hope we have all learned a valuable lesson today!

Also, think about how many heads any of these people could have saved had they posted a photo of their botched dye-job to go viral on the internet!


via Mashable



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