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Someone Invented A Lipstick Applying Robot | Daily Drop
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Someone Invented A Lipstick Applying Robot

February 13, 2016 - By Jenna Lorraine

Makeup application can be a challenge, and who has time to perfect their technique! Wouldn’t it be great if we could all have our own personal makeup artist to give us a hand every morning?

Or, how about a makeup applying robot?

YouTuber Simone Giertz showed off her latest invention: a uArm robot which she has programmed to hold an open tube of lipstick and apply it to her face.

Well, as the 6-second video demonstrates, I wouldn’t get my hopes up about having an affordable automaton MUA available any time soon.

Giertz sits still as the robot arm reaches over and begins to apply the lipstick, and it very quickly goes astray smearing the red product all over her chin and nose.

“I’m not sure how well this color goes with my skin tone,” she writes in the video’s description.

So, makeup artists everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief that they won’t be replaced by artificial intelligence. At least for the time being.


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