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What To Expect On Part 2 Of TMOG Reunion Special | Daily Drop
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What To Expect On Part 2 Of TMOG Reunion Special

March 5, 2016 - By Jenna Lorraine

The fifth season of Teen Mom OG has come and gone, but there is still more drama to come in part 2 of the show’s reunion special which will air Monday, March 7.

According to an insider here are some of the things you can expect to go down on the upcoming episode:

Dr Drew grills Amber Portwood’s fiance about his shady past.

Amber Portwood becomes defensive as the show’s host puts Matt Baier in the hot seat with questions about some of the shocking revelations about his past that were revealed over the course of the season.

Matt continues to deny that he has 7 children, sticking to his story that he only has 5; and claiming that the two other women were lying to gain publicity.

“Matt absolutely denied having seven kids, and said those women are only seeking publicity,” the source says. “Amber continues to support Matt through all of this.”

The source also hinted that Amber’s ex, and father of her child, Gary Shirley “brought up additional allegations against Matt that have never been made public. There are serious concerns about Matt and his health.”

Included in the allegations against Amber’s new finacé is the accusation that he sexually assaulted an ex girlfriend in 2014. Just six months after the woman got a restraining order against Baier she committed suicide.


Farrah faces the consequences of assaulting MTV producer Larry Musnik.


Farrah Abraham is not done dropping bombshells for fans either.

“There is a lot going on with Farrah, much more than has been known previously. Dr. Drew makes a stunning revelation about Farrah and her future,” the source said.

The insider went on to explain that the fiery 24-year-old “wants to do the right thing, but she is her own worst enemy. Fans will find themselves rooting for her.”

As Farrah opens up more and more about her troubled past and painful experiences fans of the show are increasingly able to empathize with the controversial star.


Tune in to the final TMOG season 5 reunion special on MTV Monday, March 7th.




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