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Former One Direction Star Zayn Malik Shows Off New Tattoos | Daily Drop
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Former One Direction Star Zayn Malik Shows Off New Tattoos

March 14, 2016 - By Jenna Lorraine

Zayn Malik is taking a new direction, with both his music career and physical appearance.



The 23-year-old pop star shocked fans when he showed off his new face tattoo via Instagram on Friday. The ink is a floral design with the letters “M.O.M,” which has been speculated as a reference to his first solo album “Mind Of Mine.”

Tattoo artist to the stars, Kevin Paul, has openly criticized Zayn’s choice, saying “The placement is really bad, considering he doesn’t have any other tattoos on his head.

“I think he’ll end up regretting it and it would be hard to cover up without making the new design a lot bigger and darker.”

The artist went on to suggest that Zayn should have the tattoo removed with laser treatments, which he estimated would cost $600.

Kevin was not the only one with harsh comments for Zayn, the tattoo reveal had the “Pillowtalk” singer’s fans divided.

“Why your beautiful face?”, one fan commented on the image, while another said, “Tell me it’s henna please it has to be.”

Like I Would

A photo posted by Zayn Malik (@zayn) on

Giving distressed fans hope that the body art may not actually be permanent, Zayn captioned the photo “Like I Would” referencing yet another song from his album.

The controversial face tattoo was not the only new ink the former One Direction star was sporting!

Zayn also had two tattoos done on either side of his neck. On the left side he has a brand new inked swallow, while the right one is difficult to make out in the photo posted to producer Nabil’s Instagram.

👊🏽. @zayn 📸back in🇬🇧 making sure we point in the right direction 😑

A photo posted by NABIL (@nabildo) on

The young star also said goodbye to his pink hair which he debuted for Valentine’s Day.



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