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Teenage Girl Bleeds From Her Eyes And No One Knows Why | Daily Drop
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Teenage Girl Bleeds From Her Eyes And No One Knows Why

March 18, 2016 - By Jenna Lorraine


17-year-old Marnie-Rae Harvey has baffled doctors with her bizarre condition that causes her to bleed from her eyes and ears.

Marnie-Rae first visited doctors back in 2013 when she was coughing up blood, however despite running numerous tests doctors were unable to find anything amiss with her health. Since then the teen’s symptoms have increased in severity and she still has no answers as to why.

In 2015 she awoke to find her face and pillow covered in blood which was coming from her eyes. Since then she has been living with the disturbing symptoms while doctors still struggle to find a cause.



“Normally it’ll bleed for about five minutes then stop for an hour but it’s been happening for half and hour and stopping for five minutes. I have to keep getting up in the night but I’m sick every day about five times,” Harvey told BBC Newsbeat.

“We’ve had it confirmed that Marnie does not have a brain tumour or brain AVM – an abnormal collection of blood vessels,” the girl’s mother said. “Her blood tests come back clear and healthy, her iron levels are strong.

“She has no tumours, no blood diseases and no blood clotting disorders. Her blood clots well.”



Marnie’s symptoms have continued to escalate and she now reports bleeding from her scalp, ears, nose, gums and fingernails.

The unknown illness has understandably disrupted her life. She is force to remain housebound for the most part and was unable to take her finishing exams for school.

The only condition associated with these bizarre symptoms is “haemolacria,” but it remains largely unrecognized by modern medicine.


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