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Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Solves Puzzle With Only One Letter | Daily Drop
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Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Solves Puzzle With Only One Letter

April 3, 2016 - By Jenna Lorraine


Robert Santoli won an impressive $76,000 in cash and prizes on Wheel Of Fortune, and he has one tip for future contestants: Prepare, prepare, prepare!

Santoli shocked everyone in studio when he successfully solved a puzzle with only one visible letter! So what is his trick for success? He admitted that when he and the other contestants were notified that the episode would have a nautical theme he immediately compiled “list of possible puzzles and key words themed toward sailing, cruising, water and even fishing.”

“There are websites that keep track of past Wheel of Fortune puzzles, so I did some research on previous weeks themed toward these things and wrote them down,” he explained to TapInto.net. “The show does sometimes repeat puzzles, especially themed ones. “Port & Starboard” had been used at least twice before my show … as soon as I saw that “Places” was the category, I had a hunch and then I saw four blanks, an ampersand and nine blanks, and my face just lit up.”

We feel bad for the people who were competing with him!


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