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Jimmy Fallon Shares The Best #MyKidIsWeird Tweets | Daily Drop
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Jimmy Fallon Shares The Best #MyKidIsWeird Tweets

April 5, 2016 - By Jenna Lorraine

Everyone knows that kids are weird.

This is a fact that anyone who has a child, is a teacher or has ever babysat is prepared to back up with an archive of some of the quirkiest, strange and sometimes creepy stories about them.

But, in case you thought your kid is the only one, and possibly the weirdest of them all, Jimmy Fallon had people share stories about the bizarre things their children have done, said, or drawn.

Fallon then shared some of the best tweets he received from caregivers, ever eager to vent about the absurdities they witness on a daily basis.


In case you are in need of more evidence, here are some of the tweets that did not make the cut:


Okay, this one is just sweet.


Well, when nature calls…


That’s what you get for personifying socks.


Air-tight logic.

And I’m done.

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