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This Cake’s Unique Ingredients Will Shock You! | Daily Drop
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This Cake’s Unique Ingredients Will Shock You!

April 8, 2016 - By Jenna Lorraine


A new cafe named Vegedeco has opened up in Nagoya, Japan, and their signature dish has many people both intrigued and disturbed.

Food stylist and designer Mitsuki Moriyasu is the creative mind behind these cakes which are actually cleverly disguised salads.


Vegedeco Salad / Mitsuki Style


Yes, that’s right, these beautiful desserts are in fact healthy meals!

Mitsuki hopes that by taking vegetables and arranging them in a more desirable form that they will become more palatable to consumers.


Vegedeco Salad / Mitsuki Style


The cake-salad hybrids were previously featured on the menu at Bistro La Porte Marseille restaurant in Nagoya, where they received rave reviews from diners. In order to meet the demands of customers, a separate cafe was opened on Tuesday.


Vegedeco Salad / Mitsuki Style


The focus of the new eatery will be on health, featuring superfoods, gluten-free items, and meals low in carbohydrates, all prepared with Mitsuki’s signature attention to detail.

While closely resembling their sweet namesakes, these cakes are made entirely from healthy ingredients. The sponge is created using a soybean flour, while the icing is a mixture of tofu and cream cheese that is blended with vegetables to give them natural coloring.


Vegedeco Salad / Mitsuki Style


So now you can have your cake, eat it, and not have to worry about the negative repercussions of indulging.


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