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JCPenney’s ‘Period Skirt’ Blows Up On Social Media | Daily Drop
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JCPenney’s ‘Period Skirt’ Blows Up On Social Media

April 10, 2016 - By Jenna Lorraine


This JCPenney pencil skirt has gone viral, earning the title “period skirt” due to the questionable placement of the design.

Social media users are have a field day sharing images of the white pencil skirt with large, water-color style fuchsia flower design along with jokes regarding it’s uncanny resemblance to any girl’s worst nightmare when wearing white bottoms.

The image of the skirt was originally shared on imgur with the caption “Really could’ve picked a better place for that ‘flower’ design …” and has since taken off as an internet sensation, receiving over 240,000 views.

Despite the viral mockery, JCPenney still has the “Worthington” skirt listed for sale on their website, although the price has been slashed 40% going from $40 down to $23.99.

The website describes the garment as a “side slit pencil skirt lets you set the day’s agenda whether you are in the office or at another important function.”

However, the brand seems to be wholeheartedly embracing the period puns, tweeting out a link to buy with the tag line: “We think it’s a fab skirt for any time of the month. Period.”

Now JCPenney’s response to the controversial period-flower has gone equally viral as it’s subject, proving that the best way to respond to the internet is through their own language.



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