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Girl Wins Bet With Father By Playing Adele’s ‘Hello’ Backwards, Blindfolded And In Spanish

April 15, 2016 - By Jenna Lorraine

We’ve all heard Adele’s hit song “Hello” performed 100 different ways by now, but none have ever come close to this rendition performed by teenage musician Katlin Hill in order to win a bet against her father, Felix.

Felix pledged his daughter $50 if she were able to learn how to play “Hello” on her keyboard backwards… Blindfolded. Oh, and sing the lyrics in Spanish!

Most of us would have accepted defeat before even attempting such a feat, but Katlin proved just how talented she was and made some cash in the process; and of course earning some major admiration from her parents in the process.

We think her father said it best: “Lord have mercy.”

“I guess that’s another $50 gone,” he adds, laughing.

We think you can safely bet that this lady is going places!

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