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Here’s How You Can Take The Perfect Selfie | Daily Drop
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Here’s How You Can Take The Perfect Selfie

April 17, 2016 - By Jenna Lorraine


You don’t have to be a social media star to want to capture your best possible self in your selfies!

Whether it’s just for your Facebook, or maybe a new online dating profile there are simple tricks that will allow you to take amazing self portraits using your smartphone.

YouTuber Michelle Phan shares her favorite tricks of the trade in a video titled “How to Take the Perfect Selfie”.

From advice on lighting, to how to find your perfect angle, Michelle guides you step by step from set-up to picking a the best filter to showcase yourself.

Some of these hints seem obvious once said, but many of us commonly do the opposite.

Did you know some people look better in landscape orientation rather than portrait? Give these tricks a try the next time you get the itch to snap some selfies and be surprised by the results!

Perhaps the best advice given in this tutorial is to smile, and – of course – have fun with it!



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