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Here’s Why You Really Shouldn’t Shave Your Pubic Hair | Daily Drop
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Here’s Why You Really Shouldn’t Shave Your Pubic Hair

April 18, 2016 - By Jenna Lorraine

In today’s Western society shaving pubic hair has become so common place doing the opposite seems bizarre and is often the target of ridicule. However, scientifically speaking there are some very good reasons why you should leave those hairs where they grow. So, while there are many aesthetic reasons someone would choose to do away with pubic hair, there are equally many benefits to staying natural.

1. It helps prevent genital warts.

While pubic hair does not completely prevent one from contracting genital warts, it does provide some protection by reducing the chance of skin-to-skin contact with someone who is infected.


2. Shaving causes irritation and possible infection.

Repeat hair removal and maintenance causes skin irritation and inflammation of hair follicles. Shaving and waxing leaves microscopic wounds in the skin which become havens for bacteria, leading to infections including boils, abscesses and cellulitis.


3. Pubic hair serves as a protective barrier.

Much like nose hairs do for our respiratory system, pubic hairs create a barrier for particles and pathogens which otherwise can easily enter into the body. Those who go bare down there are more prone to infections.


4. Biologically speaking, it’s a turn on.

Pubic hair contains pheromones, the chemicals which are in part responsible for human attraction. So, while beauty norms may claim that shaving is the way to go, biologically speaking we are programmed for the opposite.


5. Hair helps control body temperature.

Hair plays an important role in regulating body temperature. Hair follicles release oils which grab onto the hair and when this evaporates it cools the skin beneath.


The next time you go for that razor think about the many benefits of passing over this time-consuming beauty regimen!

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