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Mother Receives Hateful Note About Her Autistic Child | Daily Drop

Mother Receives Hateful Note About Her Autistic Child

April 19, 2016 - By Jenna Lorraine

Bonnie Moran’s 3-year-old son Ryan is autistic, he also struggles with ADHD and a condition called pica which causes him to try and eat things that should not be consumed.



He is well known by their neighbors, most of whom know of his condition and are supportive. That is why it was so shocking for the family when they received a hateful letter following a happy day playing outside in their backyard.

Moran admits that Ryan was squealing loudly as he played outdoors, as any delighted toddler does, but she never expected to receive the handwritten anonymous note shaming both her son and her parenting skills.



Heartbroken by the intolerance shown by this unknown neighbor, Moran shared the note on Facebook. It has since gone viral and the story was picked up by local and notional news.

This is what the note read:

“To the parent of the small child at this house,

The weather is getting nicer and like normal people I open my windows for fresh air. NOT to hear some BRAT screaming his head off as he flaps his hands like a bird. I don’t care if it’s the way you raised him or if he is retarded. But the screaming and [carrying] on needs to stop. No one wants to hear him acting like a wild animal it’s utterly nerve wracking, not to mention it’s scaring my normal children. By you just standing there talking to him don’t do anything. Besides you look like a moron as he walks all over you. Give him some old fashioned discipline a few times and he will behave. If that child needs fresh air…take him to the park not in out back or out front where other people are coming home from work, have a day off, or just relaxing. No one needs to hear that high pitched voice for hours. Do something about that child!

One of your neighbors”

The most hurtful part of the letter for Moran was the clear mocking of her child’s medical condition. Other neighbors on the block are equally stunned by the letter writer’s insensitivity and callousness towards this young child and mother.

Hopefully the widespread backlash against the insensitive words of this hateful, misguided neighbor can help spread much needed awareness and a message of tolerance.


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