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‘River Monsters’ Crew Rescues Real Life Castaway | Daily Drop
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‘River Monsters’ Crew Rescues Real Life Castaway

April 21, 2016 - By Jenna Lorraine



The crew of Animal Planet‘s River Monsters was working on a new episode when they stumbled across something they had never expected to encounter on one of their expeditions.

According to the show’s host, Jeremy Wade, they were headed for some fishing grounds off the coast of Australia when they heard a man shouting that he needs something to drink.

They had come across a man who was stranded on a small island after having been separated from his boat while fishing.

The man had been on the island for two days and had become disoriented due to extreme dehydration.

The show’s crew immediately provided the man with water, aware that had they not found him he would probably not have survived another day.

According to the show’s producer, Stephen Shearman, the man “was prepared to die and meet his maker.”

After being rehydrated, they brought the man for much needed medical attention.

The show shared the amazing footage of the rescue on their Facebook page, which outlines just how extreme the conditions were for this castaway.



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