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First Bluetooth-Enabled Pregnancy Test Hits The Shelves | Daily Drop

First Bluetooth-Enabled Pregnancy Test Hits The Shelves

April 22, 2016 - By Jenna Lorraine

Your period’s late and you’re wondering if you may be pregnant? There’s an app for that.



Mark this day, ladies. On Monday, April 18, 2016, First Response Pregnancy PRO tests made their premiere on a drugstore shelf near you.

“But what makes these tests so special?” you may be asking – Well, the great minds behind First Response have listened to the cries of consumers and brought these pee-sticks into the 21st century by enabling them with Bluetooth.

So, once you crack open your pregnancy test, sync it with your phone the time comes to bask in the splendors of technology as the app prompts you with ways you can kill time while waiting the ridiculous 3-minutes for your results. I mean, c’mon.



Maybe calming videos of ocean-scapes are your jam, or how about some breathing exercises to ease the panic setting in. Perhaps you’d prefer something more interactive like fertility quizzes, or an opportunity to learn some fun facts with educational information.

Endless possibilities for entertainment!

Of course, you already have your smartphone in hand so you could simply bring up YouTube or scroll your Facebook feed for a couple of minutes.



But if you don’t use the app then you’ll actually have to read your results of the stick like some sort of cave woman! No, no. Now, once your test is done the app will alert you to your results. If you’re pregnant it will provide you with valuable information concerning fetal development that you were likely about to google anyways; and if you are not then it will introduce you to the First Response family of fertility products for those who want to play again.

Now, I know at first you may not be convinced about the significance of this technological milestone, but believe me… There is none.




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