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Fans Shocked By Lil Kim’s New Look: Did She Bleach Her Skin And Hair?

April 26, 2016 - By Jenna Lorraine

Lil Kim debuted her new look on Instagram over the weekend and to say fans were shocked by her transformation is an understatement.

Miami Heat!!! πŸ”₯🌞😍

A photo posted by Lil' Kim (@lilkimthequeenbee) on

Along with new bleached locks the rapper was sporting a markedly paler complexion which has sparked rumors that the 41-year-old has undergone procedures to lighten her skin.


Lil Kim 2003


In the photo collage Kim flaunts her new look with her hair done up in two different styles and various expressions on her face. While she did not reference the drastic changes in her appearance, simply captioning the photo “Miami heat,” fans were quick to draw attention to her lighter skin.

Many were quick to criticize Kim for the changes in her appearance, while others were simply shocked by the new look.

Still more wrote comments urging their idol not to change herself and telling her she was beautiful the way she was before.

The rapper has not responded to allegations that she has had any cosmetic procedures beyond bleaching her hair blonde, which she had revealed a week prior writing:Β  β€œLoving my hair!!! Thank you so much @tigerbahmb @killsshair for the slayage!!!!”



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