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Pre-Painted Nail Polish Stockings Give You An Instant Pedicure | Daily Drop
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Pre-Painted Nail Polish Stockings Give You An Instant Pedicure

April 28, 2016 - By Jenna Lorraine


Japan is well-known as a top producer of bizarre, and most often superfluous, beauty products. So, it is no surprise that the latest innovation in foot fashion comes from Japanese company Belle Maison.



In response to the cries for help from women frustrated by the time consuming process of painting their toenails, or having to stop by a salon for a pedicure, Belle Maison created these stockings with pre-painted toe nails on them which will have your feet looking all done up in just the time it takes to slip them on.



Unlike your usual stockings, these ones encase each toe individually – So putting them on may prove to be quite the process after all.

Selling for approximately $11 a piece they are definitely cheaper than your average pedicure at a salon. However, there are some fairly obvious issues impeding how effective these will be at replacing your usual nail care regimen.



The painted nails are the same size on all the stockings, despite the fact that not everyone’s nails are exactly the same. As can be observed in the advertising photos themselves: Things don’t always line up the way you’d want them to.



Nevertheless, these are pretty cute and boast a significant kitsch factor that adds to their charm. While I wouldn’t expect anyone to be fooled into thinking that these designs are painted on your actual toenails, these could prove to be a lifesaver in a pinch.



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