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Top Travel Hacks

Updated March 2023


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This list details our current Top Travel Hacks and is regularly updated to include the best offers!



Want a free business class flight? Or maybe just a bunch of free middle-seat basic economy flights? Whatever your travel style read Miles and Points 101 to learn how to get started travel hacking.



We update our list of favorite cards each month to keep you in the know. Check out our Top Travel Cards here.



You put in your home airport, your preferred destinations, and your available travel period, and FareDrop does the rest. Sign up for FareDrop!



Check out this deep-dive article where Mike breaks it all down for you.



Read our in-depth article to learn where to find such a mythical device for less than $10.



If you’re going to spend some money on a certain product, you might as well buy it through a shopping portal to get extra miles! Interested? Check out our full-length “how-to” guide.



Becoming a 🛂 Trusted Traveler is easier and less expensive (i.e. FREE if you know how to do it) to acquire than you would expect. Click here to learn how to get your airport FastPass!



We’ve got a super-easy, six-question survey ✏️ that will unlock some valuable information on how you, a normal traveler, can gain access to some of the finest airport lounges around the world. Take the survey here.



We’ve got all the best-kept secrets — that really shouldn’t be secrets — on how to do this. So really… go read about it!



Want to find out how? I thought you might 😉